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Nice to Meet You

Are you pondering your future? We can do it together!


So let's get aquanited. I'm a published author and FINRA Series 7 Certified Professional and host the Something On My Mind Podcast. I am also accomplished corporate program manager in the IT field working for Fortune 500 companies managing large budgets. 

My book I'm Not Flipping Burgers When I'm 70, explores personal finance for the novice to the intermediate person that includes a comprehensive budget plan from a blank grid to contributing to retirement plans and into deeper investing and advanced personal finance methods. 

My Story

I learned about money from my grandfather who built everything with his hands and always found ways to fix things rather than throw them away. I took that message to perserve what you have and value money. I did everything from returning bottles at constructions sites, a paper route, mowing lawns and selling eye glasses; to name a few. Then I would ride my bike to the bank to make deposits looking at my paper checkbook.


As an adult, I took what I learned and built wealth and made it a prirority to teach others. In addition, I took the lesson from my grandfather to preserve and be reponsibile hence, I am focused on buying products and services that have quality while making a positive environmental impact. 


I have spent many years helping clients achieve their financial goals teaching the motto to "treat your personal finance as if it was a business." No matter how much you make, the same money management principles apply to everyone. My path is to educate by teaching in one-on-one sessions; however, you will be empowered to be a decision maker with financial choices. Once the planning is done, then we'll have a relationship for years to come.  


I look forward to working with you to on your way to success!


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