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Video Library

The Personal Finance Squad has an ever growing suite of videos that cover the book in full as well as practice exercises, and Excel budget templates covering the budget, debt management, home purchase / ownership and basic investment knowledge. If there is material that you interested in learning about don't hesitate to Contact Us.  

Book on VideoI'm Not Flipping Burgers When I'm 70 is broken up into several parts to allow you to create and manage your budget at your own pace. 

Budget Worksheets - These worksheets provide all of the tools that you need to determine expenses for a 12-month cycle which is managed on a monthly basis. This tool will also allow you to develop all monthly variable expenses into fixed amounts which will ensure consistent monthly costs and stability with your budget plan. This is for items such as daycare, groceries, utility bills and gasoline.

Budget Exercises for Adults - These are designed for adults who have been in the working world and have financial responsibilities meaning they either need to redesign their budget or build one from scratch. These exercise can be used in tandem begininng with Chapter 1 of the book.

Budget Exercises for Students ** Coming Soon ** These tutorials are designed for students that more than likely do not have many financial responsbilities. Students can choose to take this course on their own; however, more than likely this will be taught by an instructor. A base salary and some savings are provided as part of the budget building and each student will compare their choices in the classroom throughout the course. The exercises are simulation based and the students will have to make phone calls for quotes on services to determine their expenses to build out a budget. For example, the Grocery Exercise entails using a food calendar and menu item list in which he/she will go to the grocery store and track simulated costs or make actual purchases using parent/guardian funds.  

** In the coming months we will be adding instruction on general money management and investing topics as well as the home ownership (process of buying and selling) whcih will be broken down step-by-step from choosing the right mortgage to the closing. This information will aid you in being more comfortable when entering into the process.

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