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I'm Not Flipping Burgers When I'm 70 on PDF
Each chapter is available in PDF form which is a great way to read at your own pace. The instructional videos are more detailed and provide more in depth knowledge of the concepts. The Home Ownership Section is in development. Join the newsletter for continuous updates. Chapter Review Questions and Chapter Definitions are provided. Chapter review answers are provided upon request for instructors and students that are not in a formalized class setting. Contact us anytime!

Budget Development & Management 


            The Introduction                  

            Chapter 1 -  Developing the Budget                                     

            Chapter 2 - Budget Maintenance


            Chapter 3 - Budgeting with the Budget                              

            Chapter 4 - Auto Insurance

            Chapter 5 - The Grocery Bill                                                

            Chapter 6 - Flexible Spending Accounts


            Chapter 7 - Dependent Care Assistance Plans                    


            Chapter 8 - Credit Card Management

            Chapter 9 - Consumer Loan Management                         

            Chapter 10 - Finishing the Budget

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