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​Joining the Personal Finance Squad means that you are part of a dedicated collection of individuals
who are dedicated to responsible and successful personal finance management. So, where do you fit in?


Teachers can not only apply the concepts for themselves but they use them in their lesson plans. Students can simulate all concepts that are taught and compare their choices will their classmates.

High School and College Students:

On the whole the videos are instructional and more than likely you are not in the financial position to have a fully realized budget; however, all methods and exercises can be simulated and they will work today and can be applied later.

Gen Y / Millennials:

This is where you will or have begun to provide for yourself. You have it tougher than Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers due to the rising cost of living while wages have remained flat for more than 30 years, not mention student loan payments. It’s not fair is it? You probably were not provided financial education – the Personal Finance Squad will take care of that.

Gen X’ers (Born after 1965 and before 1984)

You are at least 51 years old and no younger than 32. You are more established in the working world than the Millenials. More than likely you have a home and/or family and by odds credit card debt and probably lack the right money management tools. Have you started a college fund yet? How does the 401(k) plan look? Do you want to own classic car or motorcycle someday?

Established Career and Baby Boomers

You are at the golden age as an employed citizen. More of you are working longer because you live longer and because 75% of your brethren can’t afford to retire. There is no time waste to get control of your finances.

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