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I'm Not Flipping Burgers When I'm 70 Chapter Reviews
Each budget planning chapter review every answer is contained in the book text. The answer sheets are held by the Instructor unless requested. To do so please contact the squad.                        

            Chapter 1 -  Developing the Budget Review Questions                                     

            Chapter 2 - Budget Maintenance Review Questions

            Chapter 3 - Budgeting with the Budget Review Questions  

            Chapter 4 - Auto Insurance Review Questions  

            Chapter 5 - The Grocery Bill Review Questions                                                   

            Chapter 6 - Flexible Spending AccountsReview Questions  


            Chapter 7 - Dependent Care Assistance Plans Review Questions                     


            Chapter 8 - Credit Card Management Review Questions  

            Chapter 9 - Consumer Loan Management Review Questions                           

            Chapter 10 - Finishing the Budget Review Questions  

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