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Budget Planning Exercises
Each major concept in the book is covered in these exercises to create your budget from scratch or modify an existing one. For a more detailed approach please review the budget planning instructional videos.

         Exercise 1, The Budget Spreadsheet and Paycheck                                                      Exercise 2, General Expenses in the Budget

         Exercise 3, Using the Credit Card to Pay Bills                                                               Exercise 4, Supplemental Expenses in the Budget


         Exercise 5, Supplemental Savings Worksheet                                                              Exercise 6, Auto Insurance


         Exercise 7, Budgeting for Gasoline                                                                                 Exercise 8, The Grocery Bill



         Exercise 9, Flexible Spending Accounts                                                                         Exercise 10, Dependent Care Assistance Program   



         Exercise 11, Purchase or Lease a Vehicle                                                                        Exercise 12, Vehicle Maintenance


         Exercise 13, Cell Phone Bill                                                                                              Exercise 14, Cable, Satellite and Internet Bills

         Exercise 15, Electric, Gas & Water Bills                                                                          Exercise 16, Gifts Tracker 

         Exercise 17, Credit Card Management                                                                           Exercise 18 Term Life Insurance

         Exercise 19, Adding Savings to the Supplental Account                                               Exercise 20, Upfront Cash for Yearly Expenses


         Exercise 21, Leasing an Apartment                                                                                 Exercise 22, Spending Money after Bills are Paid

         Exercise 23, The Budget Plan after Three Years

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