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David Mulonas is the founder of the Personal Finance Squad derived from his book

I’m Not Flipping Burgers When I’m 70! The basis of the book has been revised and
redistributed into pdf material and video instruction through this website. 

On the whole, personal finance/money management is not taught in school or college. It
comes from the perspective that we are a country built on debt so we are left to our own
devices to manage money and retire someday. Hence, the Personal Finance Squad
was developed for others to be successful and spread the knowledge for the ever-growing team.

David has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Detroit College of Business and
a Master’s degree in Health Care Management from Davenport University. As a project 
management consultant in many small and large cap companies for 20 years, David has
provided expertise in organizational 
management, budget development and large scale
program plans in the Governmental, Banking Finance/Mortgage, Health Care and
Automotive industries.   

Personal finance budget planning
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